I have no doubt that WORDIKA is among the TOP 10 language centers in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Aziz Shirinov, CEO BAKU TOURISM TRAVEL, Baku, Azerbaijan


I had the chance to work as an English tutor in WORDIKA for 5 years. In a word, WORDIKA is super great for both local and overseas students.

Parvana Pashayeva, Head of English Language Faculty, Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan


It is cool to study or work at WORDIKA. Nice and simple interior design and of coruse I definitely recommend mister Raminem as the owner and director of WORDIKA to everyone.

Mir Sadig Agayev, Engineer at SOCAR, Baku, Azerbaijan


Having RAMINEM Teacher as my Head Teacher at CAMPUS Education Center, I feel very confident with the Teaching/Learning process

Farid Huseynli, Director CAMPUS Education Center, Baku, Azerbaijan


RAMINEM's skills go beyond just teaching a classroom with 5 or 6 students inside. He is able to manage a large crowd of International English Language Learners at a huge Group Conversation hall too

Prof. Mojtaba Sefidian, CEO Shokouh Language Institute, Tehran Iran


I can testify that RAMINEM can definitely be a great help to any student willing to learn TOEFL or IELTS or you name it

Bengu Tolunay, phD Applied Linguistics, VIA LINGUA, Istanbul, Turkey


I had a bandwidth of 6.0 in Academic IELTS. I attended RAMINEM's lessons and with his shortcuts for IELTS, I improved my bandwidth to 7.5

Fakhraddin Bayramov, BP Staff, Baku, Azerbaijan